Our Approach

The Pacific Energy Institute is working to solve today’s greatest challenges in the transition to a more complex distributed energy future. This transition is well underway across the Pacific Region in places like Australia, California and Hawaii. These lighthouses to the future identify issues and responses that offer insights applicable across the globe.

Our focus is on distilling this rich set of provincial, country and regional insights into actionable strategies that can facilitate policy, business strategy and regulation worldwide. Our tailored research and analytic approach is based on sound system engineering and economic principles that shape simpler, practical solutions to achieve sustainable outcomes. This approach is why our individual and collaborative work over the past decade continues to provide a source of expert research, analysis and recommendations to inform policies and practices.

We strive to translate complex, difficult issues into simplifying strategies that facilitate sustainable outcomes.​

We challenge conventional thinking with innovative solutions that strive to simplify the complexity.

We present credible and practical perspectives on the potential role of distributed resources, electrification and electric networks in our society.

We seek creativity and open innovation with a diversity of leading researchers, thinkers and practitioners across the world.

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