System Planning

DER and Anti-Gravity

In the discipline of Grid Architecture, we recognize that an architecture is composed of three types of things: structure, back box components, and externally visible characteristics. Components are black box in the sense that we are not concerned with how they work or are implemented …

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A Gambit for Grid 2035

The Pacific Energy Institute is pleased to announce the release of its new white paper, “A Gambit for Grid 2035”. This paper by the Institutes’ Fellows examines the evolution of the power industry and structural considerations as we accelerate towards a clean and distributed electricity …

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Agile Planning

Planning for the future or the past?  Striking the balance between robust and nimble planning Utility planners are facing increasing challenges and it’s tempting to conclude that the answer is ever-more complex models that co-optimize across a larger number of variables to undertake ever-more sophisticated …

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